Many of our Travel More Vacations members have asked us – “Why have we partnered with Expedia® CruiseShip Centers?”

During these challenging times, we wanted to ensure that we were providing all our clients with the most up-to-date information, travel restrictions, and new travel policies. Expedia® CruiseShip Centers is built on a customer-centric approach fueled by many experienced travel consultants and their systems have revolutionized the travel industry since their humble beginnings.

Expedia® CruiseShip Centers was founded in 1987, around the same time modern cruise travel began evolving into the world’s most popular mainstream vacation package that we know today.  Even with the blow to cruise travel dealt to global travel community by COVID-19, Expedia® CruiseShip Centers and our cruising partners continue to be in the forefront of new travel policies and health requirements during the global pandemic.

Expedia® CruiseShip Centers opened to much skepticism and very little fanfare in 1987.  By 1988, Expexdia® CruiseShip Centers began taking the cruise travel industry by storm opening six more retail travel franchises by staying true to their mission to provide world class vacation travel. Expedia® CruiseShipCenter and Travel More Vacations promises to provide our customers with cruise and travel advice that will create adventures of a lifetime.

We promise to continue to be your personal travel navigators for memorable vacation experiences; and now that Travel More Vacations has partnered with the number one brand in travel,

  1. We promise to be more than just trained travel experts.
    As your expert travel consultant, we are passionate travelers and cruise enthusiasts who share in our clients’ experiences to create the best vacation experience for your travel needs.
  2. We promise the best choice and prices.
    Our partnership with the number one travel brand, Expedia® CruiseShip Centers, allows us to offer every cruise travel option from the most popular cruise lines, to luxury and river cruises, all at Expedia prices.
  3. We promise exclusive extras and rewards.
    With Expedia® Extras like cash credits, free upgrades, and special offers, many of our one-of-a-kind travel adventures come with member perks that are only available through Travel More Vacations and Expedia® CruiseShip Centers.
  4. We’re more than just cruises.
    Despite our new travel partner’s name, Expedia® CruiseShip Centers offers more than just cruises.  You can count on us to offer every vacation possibility over land, sea, and air, including customized trips, memorable coach and rail tours; and we also offer the all important travel insurance.
  5. We promise to always be there for you.

We’re here to help before, during and after your travel vacation with availability ranging from in-person consultations, even consultations via email, phone or video! And with our exclusive website, you have the freedom to search, browse, and book your vacation when, where and how you choose.

Why choose Travel More Vacations for your leisure vacation needs?

As Independent Cruise and Vacation Consultants, we have a team of people who are passionate about travel, customer service, and we are focused on developing travel loving customers for life. Focused on providing the best customer service and traveler experience onboard the best cruise ships in the industry, Travel More Vacations and Expedia® CruiseShip Centers continues to offer our clients with the best travel adventures on the market.  Expedia® CruiseShip Centers not only deals with creating memorable cruise vacations, but focus on selling airline tickets, booking hotels, and travel insurance you can depend on.


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